Age Management

     Have you ever contemplated taking a moment to assess your health and quality of life both now and in the future?  Have you stopped to consider common health risks that could be avoided or altered?  Welcome to an emerging field of medicine that focuses on tailored personal prevention.  Instead of waiting for diseases to emerge and then treating them this new approach evaluates and treats your risk factors.  We often recommend genetic testing, additional laboratory, and/or radiologic evaluations.  We use a multi-disciplinary approach aimed at improving your quality of life by focusing on disease prevention, weight management, dietary adjustments, exercise plans, sleep, and other modifications to fit your lifestyle.  It's never to early to take a time-out and carefully address all aspects of your health. 

    SpaGo provides a concierge service at your location or a location provided by SpaGo that is convenient for your assessment.  Appointments are often annual but may be scheduled more frequently if desired.  As a concierge service, payment is the responsibility of the patient.  This service is not covered by insurance.  Currently, insurance operates using epidemiological data to determine whether it is cost effective to offer certain screening tests to a population.  Therefore, services such as laboratory and imaging studies as well as referrals may also not be covered.  As we are not a primary care service, we do not prescribe medications. 


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