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Fall is finally here! You know what that means?

Curious about peels? Have you every wondered what a chemical peel can do for you? Fall is the best season to try one on! A chemical peel is a carefully formulated liquid that removes the damaged outer layers of the skin. You'll be hooked when you see your sun spots and scars fade away to reveal more vibrant and youthful skin for about the price of a facial! They may be performed as frequently as every 3 weeks and have an additive benefit! Our Fall package helps you to maintain your skin care. Book today to receive our Buy 2, Get 1 Peel Half Off Package! Are you worried about the effects? Start with our medium level peel and shed off the years with no down-time! Don't forget to ask about our amazing products such as our TNS Essential serum that provides growth factors to continue to rejuvenate aging skin. Act now and receive a free gift bag containing red carpet items recently released by Allergan!

Ideal Skin Regime for Aging Skin!  Don't miss this great special!

The Rejuvenize Peel is our deepest peel

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