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SpaGo Medical Spa and Laser Acne Treatment Center of Erie now offers you a drug-free, wait-free, side-effect-free option for clearing your acne, no matter how severe your acne, and no matter what your skin type. NeoClear by Aerolase is effective, safe, and gentle for patients of all ages and ALL SKIN TONES, and for all parts of the body.

NeoClear is a new method of acne treatment that uses unique laser technology to gently deliver powerful energy for quick, side-effect-free results. The laser energy destroys acne bacteria and reduces inflammation to control your current breakouts while decreasing sebum and oil output to lessen the likelihood of future breakouts. In addition, it helps to generate new collagen, which diminishes any acne scars.

NeoClear’s unique laser technology offers a new, gentler treatment— even for those especially sensitive to pain. This gentle approach is, again, due to NeoClear’s unique 650 Microsecond Laser Technology™. The phrase “650-microsecond” refers to how quickly the laser passes energy into the skin. It occurs so quickly that the energy cannot spread to the surrounding skin, which is what makes other lasers so uncomfortable on your skin, thus eliminating the need for numbing creams, gels or cooling sprays. Depending on the size of the affected area, treatments typically take between 10-30 minutes. Today with NeoClear the days of uncomfortable laser treatments are a thing of the past.

What to Expect at Your Visit

When you arrive to your appointment, Dr. Kim

will discuss treatment options that match your needs. The length of time between treatments depends on whether we are addressing just acne (usually a few treatments separated by 1-2 weeks) or if scarring has developed (usually several treatments separated by 3-4 weeks). Results are immediate for active acne but scar revision requires additional work but is still comfortable. Avoid topical retinoids 1-7 days prior to your appointment and do not take doxycycline for one week prior to your appointment. Contact us today to schedule your consult and/or treatment and begin taking steps to clear your complexion and reduce the chance of future scars.

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