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Laser Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a challenging chronic condition that often requires immunomodulatory treatments riddled with severe side-effects.  The Aerolase laser offers a safe and effective alternative and, arguably, should be the first line treatment for psoriasis.  The aerolase laser tackles the source of inflammation and vascular changes that are central to psorasis pathology.  Vascular mass and vessel dilatation are greatly increased in psoriatic lesions (Brit Jour Derm, Volume 126, Issue 6, June 1992, Pages 569–574). The Neo and V650 lasers from Aerolase, which is an Nd:YAG 1064nm laser, is a modality that is deep penetrating and highly attracted to hemoglobin, thus it has the capability to deliver powerful energy to these vessels. It is also delivered in a unique 650-microsecond pulse duration which enables for a highly tolerable treatment, even with multiple passes of laser energy across the affected area. This treatment can effectively break down the hyperactive microvasculature and cut some of the blood supply to the psoriatic lesions.SpaGo Medical Spa is pleased to offer this unique and safe option for treating this aggressive disease.  

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