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The CEO and founder of AcousticSheep, Dr. Wei-Shin Lai has an extensive background in epidemiology, and has authored several blog posts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She has quickly become a trusted source of information here in our hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. Here is some information that she has provided regarding COVID-19 that we would like to pass along to you.

Some Worse Than Others?

We've all heard the well-known risk factors, but there are some lesser-known risk factors that are still under investigation. Wei-Shin uses her medical expertise to take a deep dive in Why Do Some People Have a Worse Response to the Coronavirus?


COVID diet??

For those of us with COVID-19 not in a hospital under a doctor's care, there are potentially a few natural dietary ways to reduce our risk of developing dangerous blood clots. Read What to Eat When Sick with the Novel Coronavirus.  


*Please note that if you have a condition that increases blood clotting (Factor V Lieden, for example) or blood thinning (taking warfarin, plavix, aspirin, or von Willebrand disease, for example), please disregard everything in this article. Consult your hematologist or primary care doctor for what you should do. It may be dangerous to arbitrarily change your diet without consulting your doctor.


SpaGo MedSpa has teamed up with the AcousticSheep team by offering SleepPhones (pajamas for your ears). We have found that many of our patients suffer from insomnia, which has a profound impact on overall heath. Sleep continues to be important as we face COVID-19 in our community. I would also like to add that preventative care is very important in managing this disease and would encourage you to seek early treatment if you believe that you have COVID-19. Information continues to evolve but it is becoming more and more apparent that early treatment is beneficial. Always discuss your healthcare with your doctor and make sure to seek the care of a doctor who will help you. Now is the time to be proactive and prioritze your health.


SleepPhones at SpaGo MedSpa

Ordering is easy! Most people can wear either a small or medium comfortably. SleepPhones are $99 but for a limited time, we are offering them at a discounted rate!


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